Cocaine Addiction Recovery Stories

Keeping Her Resolution

Every time we think about New Year’s resolutions, we tend to regard them as frivolous promises to ourselves that we have no intention of keeping: lose... Read More

A Cold Reminder

I think it might have been the coldest night of the year when I overdosed from cocaine. The only thing I remember is seeing my own breath outside of my... Read More

A Gift-Horse

Throughout my entire life, I’ve more or less gotten by on the kindness of other people: my parents, my siblings, my friends, my co-workers, etc. As... Read More

Living with It

There are certain people in life that will always do what they want, no matter what you tell them. The only way these people find out the error of... Read More

It’s Never Over

Make no mistake; addiction takes everything away from you. It’s just set up that way. It’s designed to make you relinquish your future, your integrity... Read More

A Chance Encounter Led to My Second Chance

When I was abusing cocaine, there were times in which I felt like an animal in the zoo; like all I could do was react in scorn as everyone around me... Read More

Fragmented Reality

When I was abusing cocaine, I never wanted to sleep. It became impossible for me to just close my eyes and put myself down for the night. The dreams... Read More

Break Down, Build Up

After a while, you just get tired. You get tired of trying to convince yourself and everyone else that you’re OK; you get tired of hiding your cocaine-... Read More

The Odds of Redemption

I know that people generally don’t read this site until it’s too late, but I would be remiss if I didn’t tell people who were thinking of trying... Read More

When there was Nothing Left

The first time I tried cocaine was an experience the defied description, but I’ll try anyway. I felt like I had boundless energy and could do... Read More

A Future Worth Having

Once you get past the immediate pain, you feel like you can do anything. Now that I see things a little more clearly, I believe that there is certain... Read More

A Month-Long Epiphany

It’s one of the ugliest addictions there is, but to me there was nothing more beautiful than doing cocaine. I felt like I could do anything; like the... Read More

Stumbling into Peace of Mind

You’d think it would be easy enough to stay away from cocaine, right? I mean it’s just a question of not doing it, isn’t it? Wrong. When the stress of... Read More

For The People I love

I abused cocaine for about five years prior to finally getting the help I needed. I can’t explain with any amount of lucidity the sheer joy I felt when... Read More

Starting from Scratch

Over the years cocaine has come to mean many things to me. At one time or another, it was a friend, a death sentence, an energy boost, a good time, a... Read More

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