Toronto Mayor Admits 'Complete Denial' toward Cocaine Problem

Ford Back on Campaign Trail after Treatment

Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford recently opened up about his struggle with cocaine abuse, claiming that he was in complete denial regarding the extent of his problem. He made the comments as he returned to his re-election campaign earlier this week. Ford confessed that for a long time, he was resistant to the idea of getting help and that he convinced himself that he didn’t have a problem. The repentant and introspective demeanor is a far cry from the activity that we’ve seen from Ford over the past year, including videos clearly illustrating his drug abuse and bizarre behavior toward his colleagues.

Ford entered rehab in April almost a year after a video had surfaced in which he had smoked crack. Despite his recent fall from grace, Ford’s ardent supporters are still behind him. He credits the staff at his treatment facility with saving his life. 

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