Progesterone Aids in Post-Pregnancy Abstinence from Cocaine

New Hope for Mothers Suffering from Cocaine Addiction

A recent study from Yale University reveals the effectiveness of the hormone progesterone in diminishing cocaine relapse among women who quit using the drug during their pregnancy. Comprised of 50 pregnant women with documented histories of cocaine abuse, the study discovered that women who received progesterone post-child birth were more successful in combatting relapse than women who were given a placebo. Researchers speculated that women who have recently given birth have more of a biological difficulty abstaining from cocaine use after they deliver, pointing to a statistic that 80% of women with histories of cocaine abuse relapse within one year of delivering their children.

Researchers further pointed out that progesterone was found to have an anti-craving effect in studies on animals. The findings were published online on Lancet Psychiatry. 

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