Majority of Americans Support Rehab, Not Jail for Nonviolent Cocaine Users

A Huffington Post poll earlier this month showed that the majority of Americans now believe that the punishment for a first-time offense of possessing powder or crack cocaine should not include jail time.

The majority of respondents said that the punishment should be probation or court-ordered rehabilitation, with a smaller group saying that a fine or no punishment were appropriate responses. In contrast, current federal law states that the mandatory minimum sentence for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute is five years, although “simple possession” for personal use is now only subject to a civil penalty for first-time offenders. Many states, however, have their own laws making simple possession still an automatic felony, and studies show that as many as 27% of incarcerated drug offenders were imprisoned only for simple possession.

National sentiment does seem to be changing, however, with more and more people believing that non-violent drug offenders should be given the opportunity to rehabilitate instead of being immediately sent to prison. This may tie in to the many efforts made by groups such as the American Society of Addiction Medicine to show that addiction is a disease that can be treated, not a moral failing.

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