Detox only...only if you don’t have any other choice!

I realize that everybody responds to certain types of treatment differently, but I really think that if the cocaine drug rehab program that helped me could be bottled up and sold, there would be a lot less people suffering from cocaine addiction in this world. I come from a very self-reliant and self-made family belief system. My grandfather built a very successful business from the ground up, that my dad eventually took over and my Dad hoped that I would do the same one day and become the 3rd generation to run the family business. But I was more interested in spending the family business money on partying and cocaine all through my college years and continued this lifestyle even when I went to work in our family business after college. My dad quickly learned of my partying ways and told me to get on the straight and narrow or he would cut me off.

My original plan consisted of me trying to self-detox myself off of cocaine. That only led me into a cycle of self-detox, withdrawal and relapse. After that I tried a couple of local detox only centers in my state. I spent a lot more money only to relapse each time shortly after I got back home. It was beginning to look like nothing would ever work for me.
Then one day when I was at my support group another member there befriended me and told me where he went for cocaine addiction treatment. He said this that it was an out of state treatment center in Florida and it cost more than the local detox only places but they provided actual behavioral treatment for cocaine addiction. I took his advice, tried them, and could not believe the difference then just going for detox.
Even the actual detox experience was so much better than the detox only centers that I had tried. They provided real medical detox and had someone checking on me constantly to monitor how I was feeling. This was very different. I was still in some pain, but everything was being done to ensure that I was comfortable as possible to minimize any discomfort. I thought back to the hell I put myself through trying to self-detox in my bedroom with nothing but some aspirin and vomit bucket.
They had a very individualized approach that they used based on each patient needs, and didn't try to force me into a category just so they could convince themselves that they knew how to treat me. They explained that although two people may suffer from the same afflictions, their journeys there and back are usually very different. It's an experience you have to go through yourself to fully comprehend the huge difference between receiving inpatient treatment versus outpatient or worse of all just a detox only place.

Finding cocaine treatment centers, cocaine detox programs, cocaine drug rehabs can be a difficult and frustrating process. Contact the National Referral Center for Cocaine Addiction anytime toll-free at (888) 515-7707 or through our online form, for our recommendations of the best medically licensed detox centers for you or your loved one!

Detox should never be attempted in your home or without medical supervision at a licensed cocaine detox facility.