Cocaine Intervention Saved My Daughter

When it became clear to me that my daughter needed professional help for her cocaine problem, I could have easily fallen apart over how I desperate and hopeless I perceived the situation to be. Instead, I pulled myself together, and lived the next year of my life in the pursuit of her sobriety—as a mother, I had to everything I could to get her back. I had the will to what was best for my daughter, but I'd never encountered anything like this before and had no idea how to go about helping her. I had stopped giving her money, as hard as that was, and watched her like a hawk when she was in the house, but she was 24 years old, and short of calling the cops on her or kicking her out onto the street, there was really no penalty I could levy that would get the point across. 

I decided to look into setting up a cocaine intervention for my daughter. I had spoken to drug addiction counselors and mental health professionals about the problem, and they said that this was just as big a problem for the family as it was for my daughter. They also connected me with an cocaine interventionist who would help me get started and carry out the process. It felt a little odd to be crying and spilling my family business to a total stranger, but he had been through addiction himself and came out the other end of it to help others, and actually turned out to be a very good motivator. The two of us got together with the rest of my family and planned the whole thing out. 
For me, the hardest part was the "tough love" factor of the whole process. I wasn't sure that I'd be able to stick to the draconian penalties we decided if she chose not to seek treatment. Part of me was just hoping she wouldn't call my bluff, because honestly, if things didn't work out for the better, I don't know that I would have been able to turn her away from my house, as had been discussed prior. Nevertheless, we came to terms, chose a night and all that was left to do was carry out the intervention. 
When my daughter realized what was happening, she immediately turned toward the door. When I tried to stop her, she screamed at me and called me names that I won't repeat here. Her boyfriend ran after her and talked her into coming back inside. I sat in agony as I watched her breakdown upon hearing the letters that we had written, but knew that we were getting through. She had only been abusing cocaine for about a year, at least that's what she said, so I believed she could still be helped and get back to her normal life as the bright and beautiful girl I'd raised. 
It was one of the happiest moments of my life when she relucatanly agreed to go for drug addiction treatment. We enrolled her in a cocaine rehab facility and every night she was in there, I begged god to give her the strength to stay—he answered my prayers. It's been two years since my daughter left her program. She married her boyfriend, graduated college and is looking into graduate school. When I think of how close I came to losing her, I still almost shut down. If it could happen to my family, I'm pretty sure it could happen anywhere.

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