Brazilian Military Launches Massive Operation to Prevent Cocaine Sales at 2014 World Cup

Protection Increased for Global Event

Brazilian military and law enforcement are gearing up to combat predatory cocaine pushers at this year's FIFA World Cup. The month-long soccer tournament is expected to draw around 600,000 visitors from across the world, all of whom, authorities claim, are vulnerable targets for crack and powder cocaine dealers. The country has deployed over 30,000 personnel from the air force, army and navy to monitor the country during the games. The dealers from whom they hope to protect residents and visitors are well armed with all manner of firepower, including anti-aircraft missiles and assault rifles. Patrolmen and military leaders claim these factions aim to target tourists.

A History of Cocaine Addiction

Brazil has long been plagued by cocaine addiction due to cheap prices and convenient ports of entry for traffic. Inner-city areas, known as “Crackland” house thousands of users who can be seen passed out on the street at any given moment. The World Cup begins on June 12. It remains to be seen whether or not Brazil’s efforts will be effective.  

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