A Lesson Well-Learned Through Cocaine Addiction Treatment

I started abusing cocaine when I was 22 years old, and am still working to rebuild my life. A boyfriend turned me onto it when I was in college. He was the first boyfriend I'd ever had, and I was afraid to lose him, so I went along with whatever he did. I stayed with him right until the very end, and I doubt he realizes it now, but he forced me to enter cocaine addiction treatment. I tried coke for the first time at a party. My boyfriend had been using for about six months, and told me it was a great way to escape the pressures of studying and work. I really didn't see the harm in trying it once, and certainly never expected to wind up in cocaine addiction treatment. 

I got a whole lot more than I bargained for with that first taste, and probably should have gone into cocaine addiction treatment sooner, but I was having too much fun. It wasn't long before cocaine was part of our weekend ritual and classes were an afterthought. My entire junior year became a string of parties and mixers that revolved around coke-and I didn't want it to end. Escapism had become my new reality, and it happened in no time at all. I feel like an idiot admitting this, but I really didn't understand the science of addiction until I went into treatment for cocaine addiction, and saw how cocaine worked on the brain. 
My withdrawal symptoms got worse and I kept using more and more to maintain my high. This went on for about a year and a half until what I still consider the worst day of my life. My boyfriend and I were sitting in our apartment, both going through a particularly ugly withdrawal period. Neither one of us had much money, so we pooled what was left of our funds and bought an eight-ball. It's really sickening to think about now-how the two of us, like starving dogs, went out into the night to secure the stuff that was killing us. We didn't care how we looked, how we sounded, how we smelled, or really who we were, and we didn't want any part of cocaine addiction treatment...we just wanted to get high. When we got home, we divided it evenly and passed out. 
When I woke up, he was gone, along with my car, my watch and the locket my mother had given to me. I waited four hours for him to get back before I realized he wasn't coming. I couldn't believe that someone I thought I knew, someone I thought I'd loved, could do this to me-get me addicted to coke and then just split. I was also terrified of being alone, so I did the only thing that would make me feel better...called my parents. They were saddened to the point of physical illness that I'd gotten to this point, and demanded that I leave school and move back in with them after completing cocaine addiction treatment. 
I completed my cocaine addiction treatment a little over six months ago, and have been clean ever since. I haven't seen my boyfriend since he left, but I heard he was also trying to get help. Part of me hates him, and used that hatred to complete cocaine addiction treatment. The other part of me hopes he's OK and finds his way in life. As for me, I'm slowly repairing the damage I'd done to my family and myself during my cocaine abuse. I doubt my parents will ever trust me as much as they once had, but I'm working harder than ever on regaining my strength and their confidence.

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